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Online Wardrobe Refresh

A digital shopping guide with links to specific items and outfits curated just for you to purchase.


This is perfect for you if you prefer to shop online and try on clothing in the comfort of your own home. This service works particularly well for those looking to build a capsule wardrobe or to overhaul their wardrobe in part or in full and wish to purchase at their leisure.


Just as with an in-person Wardrobe Refresh, all items suggested will be tailored to your budget and preferences.

Combine it with the Personalised Shopping Guide for maximum impact!

Starting at £150, dependent upon number of items sought

Why not add on a post-shop styling session (in-person or online)? We'll incorporate your new purchases with your current wardrobe and create outfits together.


£40/hour in person or £25/hour online

Smiling Asian woman putting her clothes in a box
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